Network Security Services

Perimeter Protection

The firewalls of yesterday are no longer sufficient to protect the perimeter of today’s networks. There are many vendors that claim “next generation” firewall functionality. Let NTS Engineers decipher the claims, terms, and functionalities of next generation firewalls for you and design a firewall solution that will address your specific business needs.

Endpoint Security

The endpoint (computers, mobile devices, etc.) is the biggest threat to network and data security today. Let NTS design an endpoint protection strategy to protect your data and business reputation.

Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion detection is still important, but intrusion prevention is a better approach. Firewall advances have made intrusion prevention options affordable for businesses of all sizes.

SSL Decryption

A high percentage of network traffic is encrypted with SSL. The only way to reliably know what is being transferred out of your network is to look inside the traffic. Decryption of traffic at the perimeter allows decisions to be made as to which traffic is approved and acceptable and what traffic should be blocked and alerted on.