Kaspersky Lab Partner Event - Whiskey Tasting

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people sitting at Liam's Bar

Last week we had the pleasure of working with our partners over at Kaspersky Lab to coordinate a fantastic evening at Liam’s Lounge & Cheese Shoppe downtown.

Kaspersky wanted to sponsor an event to extend appreciation to existing Kaspersky customers as well as to inform and speak about their Global Transparency Initiative with potential customers who could benefit from all Kaspersky Lab has to offer.

We are proud to partner with Kaspersky Lab, a company which time and again goes the extra mile to ensure the safety of its customers’ data and to inform users of what is happening internally with their company.

table of food
gift bags

Rhonda, owner of Liam’s Restuarant, Lounge & Cheese Shoppe, pulled out all the stops for both the wine and whiskey tastings, in addition to an elaborate and mouth-watering display of food. The fantastic bartenders (Bruce and Graham if you’re locals) mixed and poured their hearts out as usual making sure that everyone was taken care of throughout the night with unique drinks and of course, water.

Teeling Irish Whiskey
Dublin, Ireland
king car
King Car
Glasgow, Scotland

Above you can see the whiskeys sampled at this event, many incredible wines were also had at the other end of the bar but our photographer happened to prefer whiskey, so if you want to see what is presented at these events make sure to attend next time around!